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How CaskWidge works

The CaskWidge is an upright dispense system that has a flexible pipe with a floating filter attached that draws the beer from near the top of the cask.

The floating filter (Float Head) sits below the 'top break' and follows the beer down until it reaches the bottom of the cask.

By taking beer from below this sub-surface layer, any oxygenation and contamination is prevented from spreading down into the beer below, keeping the beer in its best condition.



  • Simple to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Robust and durable
  • Clear and bright pints
  • Save space in small cellars
  • Eliminate racks and hoists

What our customers say

The CaskWidge system has been in use within the JD Wetherspoon estate for nearly 10 years. The system saves space in small cellars, is backed up with strong service and our managers have found it well manufactured and easy to use.

JD Wetherspoon

I have been using CaskWidge for 3 years in sites that have 8 pumps, 4 pumps and 2 pumps. I have been astonished at the ease of use of the system. Time is halved and money is saved, it is easy to train staff, and ultimately brings bright tasty beer time and time again! If you are not using CaskWidge then start now! It will pay for itself many times over!

The Star and Anchor

As a busy summer pub the problem of cellar space meant we sometimes ran out of a particular ale whilst waiting for the next to be clear on the rack. We considered multi-level racking but dismissed it on health and safety grounds and cost. The CaskWidge does away with space and waiting time issues and now I look forward to a rack free summer.

The Flight Tavern

Excellent product. Simple but effective. Saved us purchase price in weeks.

Bramley Inn

Due to my small cellar, if it was not for CaskWidge I would not be able to stock five real ales. Brilliant product - brilliant service.

Red Lion

A major benefit of the system is lack of handling. For us the CaskWidge system means no lifting of full casks - saves time and back injury. Casks are easy to vent - less mess.